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I'll be doing a live stream on Saturday (18th May) at 12:30pm GMT to celebrate Primedice's 6th Birthday.

 - Over $2,500 in giveaways
 - Talking a bit about the early untold history of Primedice (And Stake)
 - A bit of Q & A
 - A bit of storytelling surrounding some of the more interesting events to happen in Primedice and later Stake's history (Eg. Hufflepuff)

The stream will run for around 1 hour. Hope you all tune in.

Twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/primeedd

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It's gonna be a first to hear Edward's voice. I hope the supports will be by your side at the stream too! Imagine Bojana, Irena, and the other supports to be the one drawing from a raffle of our names (if there is one) :D

you guys should also have a game for supports on the stream and have us pick on who will be the champion xD 

Livestreams from you guys like these are rare, so I expect loads of surprises out of it! :D 

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