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Award winning support: Warning contains clowns


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Coulrophobia WARNING
please be advised this post contains an image of a clown.

 One of stake's USP's is that it has, not just a support team, but an award winning support team.
This needs to change.

Some people fuss over details and may ask for information about the actual award, in particular if it was awarded to a different team, 4 years ago while under different management. But I would argue that's just nit picking because I know that every member of that team is the recipient of an award.

A close finish, Egg and spoon race at slim camp.

Title Clown with balloon (unfinished), 1972. Artist Unknown

Egg and Spoon, Clown
A casual enquiry amongst a random sample of staff revealed for example a medal holder in an "egg and spoon race" at fat camp, a "what I did on my holidays" essay competition winner, a "colour in the clown without going outside the lines" competition (3rd place), and although not exactly an award one member was voted "least likely to re-offend" by his parole officer.

I think you will agree from this perspective that the title award winning does not go far enough, I think Stake are missing a marketing opportunity, and should in future refer to the support team as their multi-award winning support team.


The Plane boss the plane!
Nothing less than that is a true reflection of the quality of the team, and as anyone who has watched Fantasy Island knows, a reputation for being honest with your customers  is something all casinos aspire to but very few achieve.


"Je suis peut-être petit mais je ne suis pas putain de sourd"
RIP Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize




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