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Help us ensure perfect translations across the whole website!

If you're a native speaker for this specific language & notice any potential issues with the translations, please help us out by posting about them here. This could be in relation to the sentence structure, grammar, spelling or any other general suggestions.

We find common issues are usually in relation to the context of the translations. A lot of translators do not use the website as commonly as our loyal customers. That's why we are looking for your help!

We're aiming to replicate the message we're conveying in our English translations, so checking the translations against the original could be useful to ensuring the feedback is correct. 

Example of giving feedback


Page: https://stake.com/affiliate/overview
Text: Refer our brand and earn money through participating in Stake’s Affiliate Program! You will receive an affiliate commission for every user that registers and plays on Stake through your links.
Should be: Refer our brand and earn through participating in Stake’s affiliate program! You will receive affiliate commission for every user that registers and plays on Stake using your affiliate link. 
Issue: Incorrect grammar & sentence structuring. 


The more detail you can give, the better! We'll be sure to try & reward anyone who submits quality feedback. You might find some small tips in your balance ❤️ 

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Hello , as we are getting our community getting bigger and more arabic people everyday joining , i had on my mind check the site and how we could improve some translation out there,

1nd issue:

Page: https://stake.com/ar

Text: The 2 pictures down there

the 2 pictures i added out there .

issue: They are typed opposite letters in arabic we start the word from right to left not like in English so in my opinion thats the front page on the site so need to be edited immediately.



2nd issue 



Finish off every week on Stake by entering our random raffle to win a share of $75,000!

For every $1,000 wagered on our Casino and Sportsbook, you’ll automatically earn 1 ticket in Stake’s Weekly Raffle. There’s no additional qualifiers so make sure to give yourself the best chance to win by earning as many tickets as you can!

Winners are announced live on Eddie’s stream at 2pm (GMT) every Saturday with the next raffle underway an hour after the last one ends.

Start earning tickets now and track your progress by clicking the link below.

تفاصيل الجوائز


 – Split between 15 players

كيفية الدخول

For every $1,000 USD you wager, you will receive 1 ticket. 

Every ticket will correlate to an entry number.

Your entry numbers can be found by clicking on the $75K Weekly Raffle link under the promotions tab

Giveaway will be drawn on live stream at http://kick.com/Eddie during weekly live stream.

We will use Google's official random number generator live (https://bit.ly/2IJevZw).

الأحكام و الشروط

You must have an account in good standing on Stake. 

Raffle includes both Casino and Sports wager.

You must have an account not in violation of our Terms of Service. 

Stake reserves the right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend this promotion where it becomes necessary to do so. 

Entries will be declared void if the entrant is found engaging in fraud, misrepresentation, hacking or exploitation. 

Stake reserves the right to perform additional KYC/AML checks as a condition of receiving prize.

No Stake partners or employees are eligible for prizes.

Please note that wagering done between 2PM GMT and 3PM GMT on Saturdays will not count towards tickets in the raffle, due to the changeover for the new week's raffle during that hour



Shall be:

قم بإنهاء كل أسبوع على Stake عن طريق الدخول في السحب العشوائي الخاص بنا للفوز بحصة قدرها 75000 دولار!
مقابل كل 1000 دولار تراهن بها على الكازينو وSportsbook، ستربح تلقائيًا تذكرة واحدة في السحب الأسبوعي لـ Stake. لا توجد تصفيات إضافية، لذا تأكد من منح نفسك أفضل فرصة للفوز من خلال كسب أكبر عدد ممكن من التذاكر!
يتم الإعلان عن الفائزين مباشرة على بث Eddie في الساعة 2 ظهرًا (بتوقيت جرينتش) كل يوم سبت، مع إجراء السحب التالي بعد ساعة من انتهاء السحب الأخير.
ابدأ في الحصول على التذاكر الآن وتتبع تقدمك من خلال النقر على الرابط أدناه.
تفاصيل الجوائز
75,000.00 دولار
  – تقسيم بين 15 لاعبا
كيفية الدخول
مقابل كل 1000 دولار أمريكي تراهن بها، سوف تحصل على تذكرة واحدة.
سيتم ربط كل تذكرة برقم دخول.
يمكن العثور على أرقام الاشتراك الخاصة بك من خلال النقر على رابط السحب الأسبوعي بقيمة 75 ألف دولار ضمن علامة تبويب العروض الترويجية
سيتم سحب الهبة على البث المباشر على http://kick.com/Eddie أثناء البث المباشر الأسبوعي.
سنستخدم منشئ الأرقام العشوائية الرسمي من Google مباشرةً (https://bit.ly/2IJevZw).
الأحكام والشروط
يجب أن يكون لديك حساب في وضع جيد على Stake.
يتضمن السحب كلا من الرهان على الكازينو والرياضة.
يجب أن يكون لديك حساب لا ينتهك شروط الخدمة الخاصة بنا.
تحتفظ Stake بالحق في إبطال هذا العرض الترويجي أو تعليقه أو إلغائه أو تعديله عندما يصبح ذلك ضروريًا.
سيتم اعتبار المشاركات باطلة إذا تبين أن المشارك متورط في الاحتيال أو التحريف أو القرصنة أو الاستغلال.
تحتفظ Stake بالحق في إجراء فحوصات KYC/AML إضافية كشرط للحصول على الجائزة.
لا يوجد شركاء أو موظفون مؤهلون للحصول على الجوائز.
يرجى ملاحظة أن الرهان الذي يتم بين الساعة 2 ظهرًا بتوقيت جرينتش و3 مساءً بتوقيت جرينتش في أيام السبت لن يتم احتسابه ضمن التذاكر في السحب، نظرًا لتغيير موعد سحب الأسبوع الجديد خلال تلك الساعة.

Issue:there is no translations for that text. 



3nd is a suggestion :

well was hoping to see someone could talk arabic to be on the live support or maybe can improve the translations in the site .

most of the texts are clearly during AI translation, they can be edited and written in a common way which everyone could understand it .

what i’m talking about is a main things like (affiliate, Promotion… and much more).


i will put more time on specific texts could been written better and post it here in the soon future  .

Also if you need anything i could do , as i always said i’m a part of this community and if i could help which i would like to help improve our community.



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