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What genre of music do you like?


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I can listen to most things, be it folk, today's trash music, rock, pop, rap, whatever, you name it. Depends on the mood, or what I feel singing alongside to. There are some of my favorite artists which I listen to more so yeah generally I am just a music enjoyer as a whole :)

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I grew up with 80's pop and rock, then 90's dance..

Then in the late 90's I started mixing with vinyl which is where my DJ career began 😊

So I have a love for all type's of genre's. My profession is Psychedelic Trance (full on) and Psychedelic Chill/Dub music..
But I have a special place for techno, house, hardcore, trance, ambient and almost all styles of electronic dance music.

P.L.U.R. (Peace Love Unity Respect)

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