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New to gambling? Quick Strategies and Tactics for the games on Stake


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Hello Everyone, i for some reason wanted to show you some tactical ways to play the different games on stake, which all are unique in their own way but first i will go trough some simple rules of the winner.

The games are simple to play tho require a lot of practice to get right, it is not easy to win from the start if u dont know what and how to do it, therefor i thought sharing a bit of what i learned throughout my time on stake, start and playing for real on stake can be hard for profit, but i have used a long time practicing and thought sharing my knowledge, therefor if you are new and need some help, this might be worth reading also try to master one game first and then play around with other game, then you will have a chance to go back and recover somewhere when u have made huge mistakes trying to win big on other games.

For the newbs, winners rules, dont say to anyone i told u, keep it secret.
1. First is patience and self-control which is the most important and key to success therefor allways bet an amount around 1/5 - 1/10 - 1/100 or even 1/1000 of your bankroll if u have enough funds, in this way you give your probability a chance to hit something and there will be more room for reds, tho intuition tells you when to bet higher so go with that but play with amounts and multipliers that wont make you lose fast, also allways bet inbetween these amounts to secure your wins and get bigger chance to hit a huge win with a huge amount, that means make your bets tactical each time. For example bet 1/1000 20 times 1/100 10 times 1/10 5 times 1/5 1 - 3 times, then go back to 1/1000 and repeat and dont click the max button.

2. Either you win or loose mentality dont work, yeah you can get lucky, but in the end u wont win as much as u could, therefor use the strategy from nr 1 and dont go and bet randomly, yeah you might hit but there is quite a bigger chance to lose then win. Therefor put in a strategy in all of your games so you stay on the winning side and have profit.

3. Never play when you are not in the mood for playing, you will loose!

4. Read these three rules and understand them, mind them own them, they will be usefull for you.


Now lets go trough all the games on stake.
(Warning all games can eat your balance if you dont bet right and hit on the highest multipliers with the highest bets)

Dice have a lot of strategys to make you a winner, you either bet these ways 50/50, 25/75, 1/99, 0,5/99,5 or 0,1/99,9 where you change your bets acordingly to rule nr 1, if you have other questions please post it or message me private. I can go in details and show you pictures no problem

Limbo the eating bimbo, crazy as it is, its simple and very dangerous eats your balance like nobody if u risk it high.. Dangerous as it is playing on Limbo it can be rewarding, therefor play with caution, but limbo is also easy if u know how, allways play this game after rule nr 1. or u can change it to something you like more but bet with reason, and dont think u will hit it, but play safe play 100 - 500 bets and go back recover if thats what u need somewhere else,

Hilo is a bit easier then the other games, you allways have a 50/50 chance of getting it right on any card, here you dont have to use rule nr 1 but bet with caution,
cause the greed can get to you and you will loose, it will eat you :D So bet carefully. Id say start with 1/1000 and sometimes give it a god 1/10 bet where u quickly go out after 3 cards and take the profit.

Keno is a bad bish but rewarding and 2.0 made it even better, go with the low one and change numbers every fifth time or something like that, make a strategy and then go for it and stay on the strategy so you dont get eaten by the red devil, also stay on 6 numbers and bet on low, its the best position.. Dont tell edward i told u that 😮

Mines mines mines. Well i love mines it is really rewarding if u know how to play it. What it requires is some patience, strategy and a little bit of luck and you can get it high, just dont think your going to hit it all the time, your really have to change strategys often on this one to make it hit, if there is anything u want to know else then that rule nr 1 should be used here aswell, msg me if you need some strategies or something, i could show u some images of tactics i use.

If you see a 0 on plinko u have to know its going to be hitting that multiplier more often then the highest multiplier so take care bet with caution, and leave it if u dont win after 100 - 500 games so you dont get eaten like so many other people i have noticed, allways go plinko and get their balance eaten, again here if u want to know it, rule nr 1. What multipliers u go for well is up to you.. Attention - If you have a monitor that can turn around, put it on the side and play the game, should help i think..? or not :D

COUNT THE CARDS!! Wtf u thinking lol? Easy game, naa not really, this is pure intuition and the understandment of which cards u have had and which might come, but this is a computer so its rng is different, all u should do, is bet low amounts from the start so so you get enough time to understand how the cards come from the bot and your will be able to win, cause it runs in a pattern, not allways the same but it might :D and dont say to edward or he might tell the developers to make a bot that shuffles the cards and gives a new deck each time 😮

Roulette is a nice game, really rewarding but also dangerous, allways bet and some numbers u prefer, after win you raise bet and change numbers again u do the same and u repeat or you do what you want with the numbers and raise as you want, but you can also raise double each time u loose on the same numbers and when u hit u usually hit a high amount, then go back to starting point and change numbers and do the same :) tho also bet according to strategy and rule nr 1.

Video Poker:
Video poker is as simple as it is but hard to hit tho sometimes, here you should make a strategy from your intuition, and keep the bet sizes acording to rule nr 1 again, that is safest.

The wheel is okay aswell, i tho never play it but u can win well on it aswell if u take the risk, again bet according to rule nr 1 change the sizes of the bets accordingly aswell and you might grab a win or two, tho dont think your will hit the high multipliers all the time, cause you wont..!=? WTF rng .. 😮 Oups yes, but there is some good chances u can take and then bet high, take the win and go home :D

Diamond Poker:
Well what a simple game, keep the bets according to rule nr 1 again and dont bet max, it is the stupidist thing u can do, go half or 1/5 atleast u got some thing u can recover with afterwards, thats pretty much all i can say about diamond poker or yeah, its like poker but with diamonds :D

Never played baccarat, but i know this is also a game with intuition just like blackjack, play slow learn the game and go higher bets eventually.

This is just like limbo, a chance to hit it on high multipliers, tho require you to keep your self sharp on the timing and cashout before the crash crashes, take your time betting and use the right strategies and maybe u will master it, remember bet reasonable from start until you have a decent understanding of when to bet higher.

Hope you guys like what you read, tried to keep it simple so you could read it quickly and play the games, if you need more help with strategies ill gladly help u more if u pm me or post here on the forum post and ill get in touch with you as soon as i can.

Best of luck with the games or id rather say go and win!.

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Updated 25 - 07 - 2019
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Hehe StoneDragon, that works if u got some fine money on your side, but taking a 50/50 chance is not bad on the dice now, and then play a few games, well its still a hard thing to hit for those who dont really know what to do there, but start small on the dice check where it havint been green and roll a few times 0.01 afterwards can be rewarding, tho dont get to greedy or else it might eat ya again. (Tho you dont have to deposit 1btc to win here, you can also just deposit 0.01 and play 0.00010000 or 0.00001000 and take it slow) U wont win the 1 btc that day but ull have some profit which can lead you anywhere and for every 0.01 won u could double up the bet size again :)

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im not new but i am tired of losing! xD... its a cycle that last longer every losing streaks i getafter a small win.. at first maybe just a day or two and then i can win again.. then got to weeks.. months.. and so far, its juststayed at losing for over a month at least before seeing any win or even profit.. but thats part of gambling.. just shit luck on my side.. ive seen people bounce back so quick and never had to go through long periods of losing...but ya, i try not to think about it,if i start comparing, ill just end upmoredepressed of my predicaments.. xDgl though!.. 

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And there is that sometimes you just loose and loose and loose, WHEN YOU LOOSE and you notice, take a rest and with patience come back to your balance and try again, dont ever deposit everything u got either or else u might end up loosing it all deposit espescially when you dont have patience on your side or your mood is not in for doing the rule nr 1 i mentioned in my post.

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What about if we are not new and tired and losing lol. Honestly I just gamble like a dumbass and lose everything, that's why I don't deposit money, I would be losing everything in no time. Anyways, the tips you gave and the overall thread is complete, didn't read everything, but man, it looks good xD Play safe boys 

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49 minutes ago, williamshennie9 said:

You can't count cards on Stake because infinite decks are used, and after each game, the cards are shuffled. So it is impossible :(

Hahah ya, no possible way if counting cards of an online Blackjack that uses an infinite decks!.. it is a very difficult task doing it playing at a real live blackjack table, but to an electronically programmed game of blackjack?.. will never be possible sad to say xD

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Yeah that is true KiXxntRiXx, just kidding, but thats how pros play so if u want to be winning you have to have some kind of advantage, yeah okay counting cards isnt easy, ive used days upon days playing cards, and having fun with it, so it requires alot of time to master but it can be done 100%, tho not on the bots but in real life or some bots that are not shuffling decks all the time :)

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Yeah it gives a little clearer overview of how to win in this madness of rng, been thinking about sharing it for a long time now and thought the other day why not, so i wrote this, tho i made it quite simple and understandable so its quick to read and not too much information but only the core of what it now is that the winners do :)

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Hilo is pure intuition, you can think that the one card is low and it hits a damned high, even if the odds are with you, you never know when the cards turn on you, its not even played with a deck of cards its just a random card that comes so in the long run you will end up loosing but, making fast wins betting 3 cards max getting 6x or so with high bets now and then works a lot better and then quit after some time.

Plinko by the way is another story, it is really important not to go all in, allways take a portion of your bankroll and put it in a test for 100 - 500 drops then go back and recover somewhere else if you lose.

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Hi Kate, its true nobody can be sure but it is important to do what you can do and look at that, change it so it works and win with it, that is what is important or else ur going to lose in the end.. Sad part is we cant rly predict it, but we can build our strategy so well that it leads to the winning side and not the losing side, even though u cant win all the time, we can win when we can and win huge on these moments, that is what the post is all about.

My moto has been either win or loose for long time, but thats very dangerous, therefor i took this month and tried winning without deposits which actually lead to a lot of good wins using these strategys, but still went greedy in the end and lost it all, self control has allways been hard when it hits me which lead me to write this long post, wrote all i had about gambling here on stake so that people know what to do.. Hope it helps to understand why i wrote this fine post.

Good Luck

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