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The Last Bet Wins! Giveaway!


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Winners! https://stake.com/?coupon=giveaway2903

1st - millioner500

2nd - wilbur

3rd - maverick528


🔥 The Last Bet Wins! 🔥


How to win

To win this giveaway you need to post a Bet ID with at least $1 profit. Let's not forget the most important part though! Your post must also be the last post on this thread before it locks!


When is this thread going to lock?

That's a secret! But I will leave this sha256 hash below which will later confirm the exact date and time this thread was locked!



💎 Prizes! 💎

Last post - $75

2nd to last post - $50

3rd to last post - $25



  • No reposting the same bets or any old bets
  • You must use the "Insert BetID" button
  • Your bet must be at least $1 profit
  • 1 prize per person
  • 3+ post count
  • You can only enter again if you aren't the last post

Some people are confused on what an old bet means. An old bet simply means any bet older than your last entry post or any bet from before the start of the giveaway. It takes 1 second to make a bet or even less with the new "Instant Bet" feature so as long as you made the bet and it's not older than your last post it's valid. This also means you risk having bets that were never used when this thread locks.

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24 minutes ago, babojaga said:

DICE: 3,982,655,938

placed by babojaga on 25/03/2019


0.07190528 ltc.svg




0.03595264 ltc.svg


DICE: 3,982,925,682

placed by babojaga on 25/03/2019


0.57524224 ltc.svg




0.28762112 ltc.svg


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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