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🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱


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Hello everyone!

I'm sure we have a lot of pet owners here, so I would like you to share some pictures or short funny videos of your pet! 🐱🐶🦁🐯

For starters, I will post picture of my first dog, who is not with us anymore😢


And the second picture of my current dog ❤ 



Looking forward to seeing your pets ❤

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this was my horse Falcore , he had to be put down after my accident, we fell down the side of a mountainFALCORE.thumb.jpg.1fd81f30576b5efe9083889b193a5100.jpg1573803804_-HORSECAMP.thumb.jpg.ea1f73d5d1cccfd68745a2e34609ffa7.jpgi was a guide for 16 years866582670_SHORTSNORT.thumb.jpg.056d98a9b1284e140a3991238c8f213b.jpgthis is shortsnort and bowDACOTA.thumb.jpg.5542daac61143a655eaf0b677b727309.jpgDakota LUNA.thumb.jpg.93e151f5074c25c6489a0941c67f453f.jpgLuna , she passed right before my accident from natural causesWEINER.thumb.jpg.f5ac5a36f5ec69010378a78b9af9da28.jpgheres my weinerNALLA.thumb.jpg.0e92450973556c7452ebf814c68e8ae0.jpgand last but not least the ewok, i mean miss Nala she keeps me in line now.


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