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My simple Dice strategy - big potential


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Heya Stakers,

Strategy is simple we're looking for 4 wins in a row with x6 multiplier.


as You can see my base bet is 20 sato, but use "increase on WIN" 500%, and after 4 hits in a row your profit is really big.

It usualy hit 4 times in a row in first 500 rolls, so use "stop on profit". You must use "stop on profit" because next red hit will clear your winings. In my case i use "stop on profit" at 10k sato.


Bet size : 20 sato

Multiplier: x6

Increase on win: 500%

Stop on profit: 10 000 sato

Stop loss: 10 000 sato

Test it on DOGE or XRP first. After hit change seed. Don't use it on same seed. If you want bigger winning - increase your bet size, and stop on profit/loss as well.

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That's not a strategy.

You have 1/6 to hit. So 1/6 * 1/6 * 1/6 * 1/6 = 1/1296.

Which is exactly what you will win, if you hit 4 in a row.

So you will hit 4 in a row in 1/1296, not 1/500.

So because of the variance and the house edge, in the long run, you will lose.

There are no strategies. The house always wins.

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