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Euro 2020 Challenge


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Hi guys starting a new challenge

Only Europa legue games , 1/2 games per bet

 The objetive is to make 20000 TRX (1400$) from a 622 TRX 

Inicial Balance: 622 TRX 

First bet : Italy to win 

image.png.e714c6704044677fc81e09a4ca9c723a.png-----------1º BET - sport:11001699

image.png.81f85f9ec1d581311045de853eabf335.png    ---------------Win ----------- Profit = 330 TRX --------- New Balance -------- 952 TRX


image.png.b999375c5a607c942bc37552f7957693.png ---------------------2º BET  sport:11043851

image.png.60eae2b7e652ad1f963ea0047c194921.png---------------- WIN ------- Profit= 129TRX --------------------- New Balance = 866 TRX


image.png.21e81c22bf50b2b7ab8996937b7756e7.png----------3ºBET  sport:11043959

image.png.14493a68b8e2b73b9edb2d3008142922.png---------- WIN------------PROFIT= 177 TRX------------------NEW BALANCE= 1268 TRX


image.png.22cdb468e837972c7b2a4ed9532d2f8e.png-------------------WIN------------PROFIT= 85 TRX --------------- NEW BALANCE= 1353

image.png.7a8a185c65be7025ad514209232c502d.png---------------  5º BET

image.png.c2f91178a38caf08761118501058dea6.png------------WIN --------------- PROFIT=71 TRX -------- NEW BALANCE= 1425

image.png.86ea93a6f60e3df7bdb0191bac8dcba7.png------------------6º BET

image.png.1358edbc1617a0044897d27ce665d15b.png------------WIN---------------------PROFIT=113 TRX--------------NEW BALANCE=1539

image.png.12910e8519f06e43c7b6cd82c53a36ba.png-------------- 7º BET

image.png.9b5d3fc3df0e58f9bf16a396ed4efce5.png----------WIN ------------------PROFIT= 119 ------------ NEW BALANCE = 1658

image.png.0e021f6d758eb945737ed6aeb8a22cca.png--------- 8º BET -----LOSE =150trx   --------- NEW BALANCE = 1508

image.png.5ee813b64294784c0613a308ca22d53a.png---------- 9º BET LOST 

image.png.e2ee6c54947075258492eb3b7872dcde.png10º BET WIN , NEW BALANCE 1624






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