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Challenge Payout Question


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Hello, the challenges are usually paid 1-2 days atfer the time runs out. Sometimes is sooner, sometimes is later. The person who is in charge of checking the participants makes a coupon (a link to claim)  and shares it on the challenge's post. You choose the currency as well.

Also, this is taking into consideration that your entry to said challenge is valid, so make sure to always check the requirements before and atfer posting  🙂

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Normally challenges end on Saturday and usually are paid on Sundays. This doesn't mean they will,  that just normal time frame. There has been tremendous activity for Stakes birthday that they seem a little behind. I'm sure they are wrapping up loose ends today and getting it squared away. There are usually a link within the same forum post either at the beginning or at the end. Just hit follow at the end of the post, and uou will receive notification of it when there is any changes!!  One thing I have learned with these things, don't expect it, just think of it as an extra for having fun. Works for me anyways, I seemed a lot less stressed about it now lol. 

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