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Happy birthday Mistaker!!! 🎂🎉


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Happy Birthday bossing! You already knew my wish for you. I just wanna say, thank you for being my mentor, even if i'm stubborn (most of the time). As a gift, i'll behave for today. 😜✌️ I Thank  Stake and the groups, because of them, i knew you. ❤️

Appreciate every effort you've done here and there. So proud of you @mistaker, and will always be. ❤️😘

baby, sweety, my love, honeybunch, sugarplum,pumpy-umpy-umpkin, sweety-pie,cherry-pie, cebularz, and a lots of sweets, choose which  one do you want me to call you. 😂✌️Kidding aside, go hit the 5 linda again, for our 5 Linda's diaper! We'll chant later so you can hit it again. 😂



PS - send me the $ and the k, i'll save it for our lindas😜

PPS - did you like the piece that i play, or it ruins your birthday? 🙈🎶🎹

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