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New League of Legends promotion?


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I would love to see another League of Legends promotion now that we've moved on to Bo5's! I appreciated the previous promotion for the Bo1's and liked the idea of betting on the underdogs during it, although I'm not sure any of the games ended under 25 minutes lol.  Regardless, I still respect the offering. Now that we've moved on to Bo5's maybe we could do something similar for league of legends as was done for dota? Or a different unique promotion would be cool as well, I'm just excited for all these games to come and would love to see a promotion for it! 

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I began to notice how much I enjoy this kind of action. I love getting bonuses in the game. Also, I recently joined a good team. Of course, there are five of us, and we have a leader who we call the captain. He plays like a tank, so everyone is happy with his skill set. It would be nice to advance among the other teams to enter the arena in the future and smear the others on the wall, haha. I like to play on the American server, sometimes on the European one. We'll promote through amw, so it'll go fairly quickly. The main thing is that we all know how to play cool for our chosen heroes.

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