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SLIDE MISCLICK/biggest win ever


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On 10/29/2021 at 11:35 PM, jaydaddy0325 said:

so i decided to try slide and was betting .10 bets times 1000X just seeing how it works... a few spins in it hits 123,000 X and i turn .10 into $100......... i switched to slots blew it away and decided to try slide again a few hours later, i accidently rushed at last secont to hit 0.10 bet times 998.01X and didnt think it went thru so i accidently re entered the bet and bet $10 i heart dropped i only deposited $50 so that was a big misclick........ UNTIL  i saw this hit!! OMG i couldnt believe my eveys!!!!! i thought i might have issues withdrawing. NOPEW! i had $10,000 in my wallet in a minute flat! THANK YOU STAKE this game has my hooked!!!1940940522_MEGA10000WIN!ONSLIDESTAKE_COM.thumb.png.b447c42fd5ba631c0934e8004aff65a0.png

Holy shity... that is insane. i really want to hit something like this myself too. haha happy accidents are amazing

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