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Hourly Claims removed suddenly (please read)


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I am down close to $10,000 this month, I was offered hourly claims for $4.85 and for this week, Ive been setting alarms for every hour and claiming them.,

Suddenly the option was just removed with 20 hours left..... I am going to lose over $100 of money I planned to have because of this and I think this is extremely unfair.
You offered me something and I took it... My times are always all over the place and I literally miss hours at a time sometimes because I oversleep my alarms.. Its very clear Ive been claiming them all myself if you look @ the times and I'm plat 4 + down $10,000 this month and another $4,000 today alone.... and you take away my measly $4.85....... This is insane.

I just dont think its fair you offer me something, I literally change my entire sleep around to try my best to claim it and then you take it away because I claimed it too much? This is ridiculous, Why offer it then... and It's not even like I claimed it every hour, I have missed plenty by over sleeping.. 

Very upset and hope something can be done about this, Now I have no reload and nothing, This is very bad imo and leaves a horrible taste in my mouth.. All I do is lose and you take away my promised $4.85 hourly with 20 hours to go.. insane.

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Reloads may sound good, but it`s really not. Just the daily reload keeps you playing EVERY day. That is nothing anyone should do. And you had a reload to claim every hour... That will mess you up regardless of the amount.  Responseble gambling is not Stake cares about. And on top of it all, all you do is loose those reloads. And becomes as you say... insane.

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