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Stake Penitentiary - December 45th 2022


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Now that I’m locked up in the stake penitentiary I thought I’d provide a mugshot, free of charge. 

Case#: 694205568 

Offender: ericd1995

Date of Offence: Dec 45th 2022 

Offence(s): Being too damn cute, never capping, always keeping the block hot x4, listening to too much Bobby Shmurda

Sentence: 2 days mute in chat, no parole 


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  • ericd1995 changed the title to Stake Penitentiary - December 45th 2022


Day 1 has been good, ate a tuna sandwich for lunch and was successful at not dropping the soap. I’m almost half way through my sentence and I can see the light at the other end. Only bad thing is my cell mate smells really bad, ew. 

looking forward to my release from the stake penitentiary 😝 

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11 hours ago, ericd1995 said:

Me too. I don’t like snitches though, @Ornietv snitched on me to the feds and got me locked up SMH. He’s gonna catch hands ON SITE when I pull up on his ass after I get released. 

Dont forget to tip alyem, he defended you very well.

Also for your information 


: a person who tells someone in authority (such as the police or a teacher) about something wrong that someone has done : someone who snitches. See the full definition for snitch in the English Language Learners Dictionary. snitch. verb.

You are in a casino,at that exact moment you were yelling while i was playing, i like my peace when i am playing.

Also you dont have to touch my ass trust me.
My hemoroids are very messy.

p.s pls  comment me i farm reputation

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