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A few things rattling around in the broken head of Bitfrog


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Good morning, degenerates. May all your spins be grand this fine day! And now to the point. 

Here is a list of things I think would be fun, And 1 really important thing that's really more of a demand than an ask and I'll start with that first.

- Stake Original 80 BALL KENO! 
Yes I am shouting. Make it happen! NOW! The 80 ball keno that is hosted is absolute shit. Out of all the wonderful options available, hosting this garbage is an atrocity. There is no reason that Stake shouldn't have the best of everything and the one we have just ain't. This is not a negotiation! It must happen. Make it so!

- More Stake Original Content. 
I would like to see more original content. The games that are available are a good start but why not add more?

- Tier Based Rewards.
Not that I am complaining about having to face off against people who basically have the infinite cash code unlocked for real life. Good for them. Let the bitcoin Billionaires face off against each other in new competitions which are in addition to the rewards and such that are already present. Don't replace anything, just add more. Give us peasants a level playing field to face off against people in our on class.

- Daily Quests:
I came up with an alternative way to perceive Plinko, during my three hour bath rant the other day. I thought it might be fun to have daily goals and perhaps an achievement system that is more refined. A log of our biggest payouts and prizes and so forth. The slot contests that are available are ok, mostly. Except for that one I've been staring at for months that says "Minimum bet $0.10" which is impossible because the lowest bet amount is $0.20. I am one of those people who become extremely irritated by the most ridiculous things and seeing this every day makes me want to put my fist through my laptop. So I built a smashroom in my back yard and started breaking stuff with a pickaxe. Why not have achievements and contests for all the games. If nothing else than bragging rights.

- Plinko:
This was what lead to the above post. While ranting like a lunatic. I was announcing my gameplay like an RPG. For comedic value, but mostly because I was hammered. I managed to turn the word Go into an entire paragraph, so its safe to say I am a master of hyperbole. What I didn't get to say is, If you use your imagination, you can come up with your own Plinko rules. And then I thought, "Well Why the fuck am I doing all the work. A few tweeks and this game could take the burden off of my mind and allow me to focus more on button clicks. So My proposal is to have an option(an optional option) that locks the pins and levels so that conditions need to be met in order to advance to the next stage. 

EG: 8 Pins Low Level. (Pre Requisite. Plink every pot twice? Or whatever. It doesn't matter. The idea is really allow for more manipulation of the game to make it more enjoyable. Again, totally optional. 

-Monthly suggestion pool and votes for new content.
Simply put. I want Ping Pong Star EpicWays. and while I have voiced this several times on Dlive and Stake Chat, Basically everything gets drowned out by the 8000 bots asking when monthly is. Its coming you non listening bunch of fucks. The question has been answered repeatedly. It gets here when it gets here. take some responsibility in managing your handouts and lay off the begging. Other things need to be said

Went on a little Segway there with the rant. Gonna go hit some spins and quell the number noise. If I think of anything else, I shall return. Rest assured, I've got a lot lot lot more to say.

And while most of the people complaining about all the free crypto we got this last week, Bitching about the amount of free money not being enough, I want to say thank you, because I appreciate the potential value of that generous offer, and am not concerned about the monetary value of the offer. all you complainers set your alarms for every 10 minutes, and dont even try to say you didn't. We have it really good here. There are scam sites who fuck you outta money, and they do so after you land a big win, by finding any excuse they can not to pay it out. that has never been a problem here. Not for me, and I have been burned. When you are scammed for real, you'll learn to appreciate the difference and I hope that lesson finds the loudest of you swiftly. We've got a good thing going here, so don't fuck it up with your asinine noise. You don't even know.

Thats all I got for today. Gonna go plug dice until Weekly Drops. Thanks for all the awesomeness and please keep it coming. We'll be here.

P.s I couldn't find the forum rules, So I don't know if Im aloud to swear, and frankly, I don't think anything is over the line. This is how I speak and this sure the fuck aint church.


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Nope Just have adult ADD, and have been awake for 30ish hours and plan on being awake for another 24. I need to get the message out, let the grammar police worry about proof reading. They live for that shit.  Believe me, in 36 years of living, there are maybe like six people who actually get me. I just get really excited about writing. As you can probably tell by my chat stories, which I really don't think are spam. Something needs to exist between the beggar barks, the scam site shouts, and the same six people asking when monthly is every 40 seconds. 

I suppose it is noise, but in comparison to the alternatives listed above, I reckon its better noise. 

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