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I want help now

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I want an exception to remove the ban from my account temporarily until I send the remaining currencies to my other trusted account, and then when finished, block the account


user : azizq8yi


Hlep  now 

And so that I can't deposit now, please agree so that I can send some currency left in my account one time to my other verified account

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9 minutes ago, ROkenTratENsaV said:

Tried contacting support via live chat feature on website or sent email to support@stake.com ?

yes But it's useless chat support tells me I have to make a deposit and I just want to send tips to my other account this is much easier dude

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10 minutes ago, GotSeven said:

They will not help you with that. Deposit and then withdraw. Or forget it. They will not allow you to tip

This is very bad😮💨

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