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IP limited, how not to be able to play Smarter...


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i d like to know if there was a change in stake accessibility...i use to run 5 slide Windows at the same Time on my laptop, since décember

Since Yesterday, as soon as i have more than 2 stake Windows opened, i get IP limited...

Of course i shut down m'y vpn, moves to another country, same result...

I m aware u had to take measures to counter the ddos attacks (by thé way, i wasn t able to hit thé highest slide.multi i have seen on stake because of thèse attacks, a 230k, which happened during Eddie's under attack stream) but what about a little message toncommunicate about it before implementing such New features ? What s the.plan ?

I use to promote stake, i honestly think it s da best online casino, but i don t appreciate to play a game whose rules have been changed, especially when no one ever announced it...

Sorry for thé accents, faults and other errors I'm on a french cellphone...

Thanks for Reading, and if a support team member could clearly explain thé New restrictions (how Many Windows Can i dedicate to thé slide at thé same Time without Being IP limited ?), It Would bé Much apreciated

Play Smarter IS my nindo, i d like to continue but in thèse New conditions, it s gonna bé complicated...

Balkid, proud owner of thé slide podium, and willing to keep it all mine...

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I think if you could somehow delay each window it would work.

Window 1 - instant autobet Window 2 - .5 second delay autobet Window 3 - 1 second delay autobet Etc

Maybe there's an easy way to do it in the console. I'll have a look, but it's not my area of expertise.

Of course, you shouldn't have to do any of this and it's a huge pain in the ass, but it is what it is.

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