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yeah its like 1$ for 1k wager below plat. and for plat + 0.5$ because u have reloads.


500k = 250$ + 50 for vip level looks fair 

I can see that u are down a lot but this is how it works most of time. :(

well its all about wager not bout how much u lost.

Good luck next or better for u stop gambling.

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Posted (edited)

507676.08 × 0.0005 = $253.83~ + a base level for your plat2 account (If your account name is the same on stake.com)

If we assume plat2 base is $45, that works out to $300 (with some coin fluctuation). Please could you confirm the exact amount you got for monthly @tntq8 ?


I'm p3 and have hardly bet this month (because fuck stake), but if we assume p3 base is $55, then mine makes sense with that calculation, too. I got $58 for monthly.


6694.12 x 0.0005 = $3.35~


Can anybody else (with a p1,p2,p3 account) run these sums and see if they make sense for their monthly?

Monthly is apparently based purely on wager (edit: plus VIP level), not P/L, so we should be able to figure this out.

On another note, if those numbers are right, then it looks like we've only been paid for the past 4 weeks and not the 5 weeks it's been since our last monthly.

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(+vip level)
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