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Any tip how to win this game?


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11 minutes ago, angelboln said:

I've never won in mines. Constantly scam

Same bro 🥴

On 7/23/2022 at 8:24 PM, Scorpias19 said:

It's just luck.... I don't see any good pattern for this game. 

Yes bro, just luck to win this game😔

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The only to win in mines. It is to pre-roll it until you hit streak loss in row that you desire then make a bet on the same spot and double it until you make a profit. In stake mines you can bet with zero money but it require a lot of patience(which i don't have) to wait for streak loss to happen and a lot of money when doubling on every loss.

Actually stake in mines is better than stake in dice. I been playing in primedice for many years with bot(Seuntjies). What i found out is that  in primedice betting x2 (49.50) base on experience, you will not get 41 streak of loss in row for x2(49.50) if any casino in the world is able to surpass it that mean that it is 100% rigged in my opinion but when playing in mines the streak loss in row seem to cut by half from what i seen when betting, so what this mean is that when playing on 5 mines and 3 gems which is X2 (chance 49.50) the loss in row won't surpass 21 streak loss in the row that is because is only 25 square compare to dice. When i was botting on primedice pre-roll is not worth the time cause u can only get 1 win after 1 day which is 88550 roll just to make 0.00000001 btc.

Gambling is still gambling. I just like to test strategy for fun and also i only use crypto that i earn from watching ads transfer my earning to stake test out the startegy. In fact i create lot of strategy a lot of years till i loss count how many and till today i have not made any profit. I came to a conclusion is all about luck and pre-roll if you have the patience. 

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