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You are banned!


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Hello All,
What's up :D I hope you all guys enjoyed my last couple of games, the last few of mine Forum games went quite popular :P Really Guys, I feel like creating and posting more Forum Games to make you all guys happy. This time i thought of a game that is being played on other forums since long back :) Some of you guys who have also came across them game. This is really going to be Fun.

So Now lets start the game. :D

So basically the Game name is " You are banned" .
Lol Dont Scared. This is just  a game and seriously you are not banned yet :P

So now lets just get into the game rules or what is the game is all about xD

Ban the person above you Game...You don't really get banned just a game.
Nothing people will take too offensive and start an arguement

If you guys unable to understand the game the  let me just give you some expamples how this game gonna work :P

Example :-

Mrboss starts the game

User 1 : Mrboss has been banned for Being awesome :P
User 2 : User 1 had been banned for banning Mrboss :P
and so on......

So in this way the game continues :)

Hope to see this game rocks :)

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