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Weekly Raffle Ticket Progress ?


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i think it would be a cool feature to be able to see your current progress on the weekly Raffle Tickets.

Take my Screenshot as an example. Usually you have no idea what your current progress is, cause the weekly statistics only show ur past 7 days. The progress bar would show me that i'm about 35% short of getting another ticket. This would encourage me to do a $350 deposit for an easy 1.01 Wager on Crash, since that's a safe method of wagering according to eddie. I don't want my 65% towards the next ticket to be wasted, and also the number 4 happens to be my lucky number. 

Ok, this is an exaggerated example, but there is probably a lot of tickets being wasted which would have only taken a few dollars to be wagered. 

In addition, this thing would make me able to predict how much wager i'm gonna have on the upcoming Saturday, and tell me if i do / do not need more to grab those juicy codes from the next Stream. 


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