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How many forum giveaway have you won?


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4 hours ago, Phillipbf said:

Yea, and its true! But never won, and 3567 tickets to be precise, in one week was not enough to win sadly :(


oh wow amazing...you really wagered much your weekly bonus must be huge too...i may still congratulate you with it....i just hope that one saturday on eddies stream atleast one of those tickets win who knows everyone with a dream wins👍❤️

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Have gotten the Forum giveaway 5 times (i think, it could be 1 or 2 more) including twice on the same day

4 times via page draw

1 time via lucky post number

I been in almost every Forum drawing since i joined the forum.


This is actually amazing considering some of the shit i've stirred up in my time here....

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