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­čąç [Over $9,000] Lucky Drops ­čĺž


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­čĺžLucky Drops┬á­čĺž
Ends: 28/11/22 @ Midday (12pm) GMT

The Challenge

  • Win at least two unique┬ámultipliers on the Plinko game from the given list below:

  • | 10x | 13x | 15x | 18x | 22x | 24x | 26x | 29x | 33x | 37x |41x| 43x | 56x | 58x | 76x | 83x┬á| 110x | 120x | 130x |┬á170x | 260x | 420x | 620x | 1000x |

  • *New mode: Multipliers as┬á420x┬á| 620x | 1000x |can be hit more than once, and this will affect only the second division.┬á

  • To be eligible, you must hit┬áat least two unique┬ámultipliers.┬á

  • Extra reward:┬áIf 1000x is one of those unique multipliers you need to hit to be eligible, you will get an extra reward. More info is below.

  • 0.5 USD minimum bet amount (in any currency).

Additional Information (division)

  • ┬á1. Prizes will be determined by who hits the most of the unique given multipliers. The competitor with the most unique multipliers will take 1st place and so on.

  • ┬á2. In case of a┬átie,┬áthe user with a┬áhigher total multiplier┬áamount┬áwill be given the┬áadvantage.

  • ┬á3. In case of a tie again, the user with a higher average bet amount will be given the advantage.

  • ┬á4. In case of a tie again, the user who posted/edited their entry first will have the advantage.

Tips & Terms & Conditions

  • You have to be one of the VIP members on our site (at least the Bronze VIP level).
  • Feel free to edit your posts if you get bet with more cards during the week.
  • Bets must have been made after 21/11/2022 - (10am) GMT.
  • You must post your bet within 48 hours after you catch it.
  • Hidden bets mode should be disabled when you want to link your bets on this thread.
  • The prizes will be paid to accounts on which the winning bet was made.
  • For payment, give us up to 72 hours from the end of the promotion.
  • 1 valid entry per household.
  • Stake employees can not participate in official Stake.com forum challenges. This does not apply to moderators.
  • If you prefer to play with lower bets, you may also participate in our weekly challenge located here.
  • The VIP challenges are more focused towards players who are looking to try their luck with higher bets.
  • VIP challenge only involves Stake Original Games.

Prize Pool distribution

  • 1st place - $800
  • 2nd place - $500
  • 3rd place - $300
  • 4th place - $200
  • 5th place - $150
  • 6th to 10th place - $100
  • 11th to 20th place - $55
  • 21st┬áplace onward, eligible users will get a share in the $1500 prize pool

Additional prize (only for verified Stake accounts):

  • All verified accounts will get an extra reward and it will depend on the verification level:┬á
  1. For Level one - 10% extra on basic reward
  2. For Level two - 100% extra on basic reward
  • All unverified Stake accounts┬áwill receive the regular prize.

Extra reward (additional reward):

  • Cash Prize. We will award you with an extra $50 and it will be added on top of your base reward on the coupon.
  • Additional prize for verified accounts is not applied for this extra┬áreward.

How to Enter

  1. Respond to this topic, and link your bet IDs using the link function in the text editor. Or just post the bet ID, please.

(Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in the image below. In case you are not sure how to do this, feel free to contact any of the Support members.)


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  • AleksandarZ changed the title to ­čąç [Over $9,000] Lucky Drops ­čĺž


10x: casino:122463907466
13x: casino:122463932575
15x: casino:122464219393
18x: casino:122464248174
22x: casino:122464451865
24x: casino:122464499819
26x: casino:122464693837
29x: casino:122464774308
33x: casino:122464952651
37x: casino:122465161223
41x: casino:122466029180
43x: casino:122468681846
56x: casino:122466590897
58x: casino:122638473321
76x: casino:122468233926
83x: casino:122468170935
110x: casino:122680051409
120x: casino:122468522475
130x: casino:122468001000
170x: casino:122618348218
260x: casino:122465718306
420x: casino:122618985709
620x: casino:122619957570
1000x: casino:122629072520

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10x | casino:122478403182

13x | casino:122478487502

15x | casino:122478562084

18x | casino:122478646926

22x | casino:122478682557

24x | casino:122478729631

26x | casino:122478778996

29x | casino:122478836512

33x | casino:122479107256

37x | casino:122479240738

41x| casino:122484290313

43x | casino:122484352081

56x | casino:122484597282

58x | casino:122485461496

76x | casino:122485722016

83x | casino:122485829161

110x | casino:122533720346

120x | casino:122486131371

130x | casino:122487375935

170x | casino:122486459087

260x | casino:122508415980

420x | casino:122501189368

420x | casino:123288191566

420x | casino:123289882222

420x | casino:123298112875

420x | casino:123306862373

420x | casino:123307866920

420x | casino:123311177435

420x | casino:123400443549

420x | casino:123440115888

420x | casino:123481670177

420x | casino:123486807997

420x | casino:123492768029

420x | casino:123503029619

420x | casino:123641787733

420x | casino:123680921069

420x | casino:123685310899

620x | casino:122496956098

1000x | casino:122495755722

Edited by centaxfn
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10x - casino:122465022406 

13x - casino:122465211144

15x - casino:122465430522

18x - casino:122465502660

22x - casino:122465673175

24x - casino:122465814146

26x - casino:122465960260

29x - casino:122466054281 

33x- casino:122466425564

37x - casino:122466607233 

41x - casino:122466960444

43x - casino:122467020075

56x - casino:122467106867

58x - casino:122831600917

76x - casino:122831704867

83x - casino:122470328789

110x - casino:122833942681

120x - casino:122472780879 

130x - casino:122469769305

170x - casino:122476951340 

260x - casino:122798277290

420x - casino:122806892823

420x - casino:122834096310

620x - casino:122809502537 

1000x - casino:122828798999



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10x casino:122475891547

13x casino:122476103106


18x casino:122476371108


24x casino:122615106844

26x casino:122884804776

29x casino:122834194492


37x casino:122884130950


43x casino:122518086331

56x casino:122884433817


76x casino:122614905993



120x casino:122616049959







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10x - casino:122753212231

13x - casino:122742831514

15x - casino:122758874440

18x - casino:122743098400

22x - casino:122751353852

24x - casino:122468624912

26x - casino:122785969022

29x - casino:122741744663

33x - casino:122758430111

37x - casino:122467532249

41x - casino:122795030247

43x - casino:122742456845

56x - casino:122473394033

58x - 

76x - casino:122480127242

83x - casino:122473700984


120x - casino:122766904968

130x - casino:122479228315

170x - casino:122799778974

260x - casino:122656173552

420x - casino:122870731534


1000x |

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