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What platform do yall use for withdraws?


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Don't withdraw to binance if you not kyc lv 2 or above

I VIP 2 on binance and i can create multiple account on binance with my VIP account and i try create 1 account and i using for keep my balance from stake after i hit parlay and after 2 week my second  account got banned because i dont do KYC and i lost my 170$ lul

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1 hour ago, zumyum said:

I got banned on binance and want to know where do you all withdraw your winnings to? Also need a platform where i can withdraw it to my bank acc.

Binance will scrutinize yeah. Try mixing up and spreading it across multiple, Huobi, Gate, Kuicoin etc. I lost my FTX account due to transactions from Stake, thankfully just 1 month before it crashed so I guess thank you Stake for that one. 

Obviously if you can deal exclusively in BTC/ETH etc your best bet is a hard wallet.

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