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[Over $3,000] Stake 3 Slots Challenge | Week 134


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Potion Spellsūüéį


Hey, guys!
Thanks for playing on Deadly 5 last week - the coupon for that challenge will be posted soon! To find the link check the last post of last week's challenge thread.

Now for Week 134.
Potion Spells- New slot on Stake created by BGaming and good luck 


  • Win a bet with¬†40x or higher multipliers on slot¬†Potion Spells.
  • Minimum bet is 20c (0.20 USD). Any bets that are on the fun play/with nothing staked¬†will not count.

Tips & Terms & Conditions

  • Bet¬†must have been made after the commencement of this promotion.
  • If you submit a post to this challenge and hit a higher multiplier than your first submission,¬†you must edit your original post¬†so we can get a better idea of how many unique participants there are. Anyone with multiple posts on this challenge by the time it expires will be¬†disqualified.
  • Stake employees can not participate in official Stake.com forum challenges. This does not apply to moderators.
  • For payment, give us up to 72 hours from the end of the promotion.
  • You can verify your Stake account here:¬†https://stake.com/settings/verify
  • 1 valid entry per household.
  • 10+ Post count on the forum.

Prize pool distribution:

  • Top 20 multipliers - $25 each
  • The remaining $1000 will be split between all other multipliers on equal shares.
  • All verified accounts will get an extra reward and it will depend¬†on the verification level:¬†
  1. For Level one - 10% extra on basic reward
  2. For Level two - 100% extra on the basic reward

How to Enter:

  1. Paste your bet ID and a screenshot of the bet.
  2. Please ensure that your Stake username/ID is posted in your post so we can swiftly organize payment if you win.
  3. Bets must have been made after 13/03/2023 - (10 am) GMT.
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