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2 hours ago, Muffin12178 said:

Yah you are the only person who plays that game NGL. Maybe try to play something more better and funner?

Just because you're not familiar with the game doesn't mean instantly I'm truly the only one here who plays it and that it's not fun or anything. True OG's stand out

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18 hours ago, morphroy1818 said:

Hi I need a hand g getting my Bitcoin out hit a nice payday but I'm new to wallets I just want to cash it out, I'll pay for speedy solution

You'll need an external wallet, for example, Exodus or an account on any exchange platform such as Binance, Coinbase, Crypto etc. Just get your wallet key for "Receive" and paste it into Stake Withdrawal window. I'd suggest you withdraw to external wallets like Exodus from Stake and then from Exodus to any exchange platform of your choice to either sell the crypto or withdraw to bank account, because these platforms could potentionally lock your account if you constantly receive something from a gambling site like Stake.

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