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Cubs vs Reds
 = Reds
Rays vs LA Dodgers
 = Rays
Tigers vs White Sox
 = Tigers
Orioles vs Rangers
 = Orioles
NY Yankees vs Padres
 = NY Yankees
Guardians vs Cardinals
 = Cardinals
Braves vs Phillies
 = Braves
Royals vs Nationals
 = Nationals
Twins vs Blue Jays
 = Blue Jays
Brewers vs SF Giants
 = Brewers
Rockies vs NY Mets
 = NY Mets
LA Angels vs Marlins
 = LA Angels
Diamondbacks vs Red Sox
 = Diamondbacks
Athletics vs Astros
 = Astros
Mariners vs Pirates
 = Pirates

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2 hours ago, yilmazim said:

thanks man 

you're welcome man :)

5 hours ago, Horuz said:

If this pays good, ill have a gift you :) chose them all

wow thanks, i chose them all also together with the premiere league and it is 73M :) image.thumb.png.26d79df6ada3ca3a6985c1f5249b4be2.png

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