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Soft rate limited


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Hi support,

I am soft rate limited after 70 spins on dragon tower autobet. 

I dont use bots, VPN, spam buttons, multiple tabs nor multiple accounts. I hard refreshed the page, cleared all data from site and tryed different browser.

After assurances that ill be able to join the page from the support after I do above steps, i refreshed the page.

30min passed and I still can't open the page. I'll attach all the images from the support.












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i sent 70 with auto play exactly and got blocked

4 minutes ago, Tokai2021 said:

Love how they said your sending to many server request when betting autoplay. 


Cloudflare can have 6000 request per second . I doubt you individually send more request then ther server can handle.




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On 9/24/2023 at 11:38 PM, smtgboring said:

Here we go again, i got soft rate limited after this again.

This is the only game that does it, rest of them are ok.


@Stevewhen are you fixing it man? It's killing the mood to play 

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