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Nfl survivor question for nenad.


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I guess it is not possible.

Otherwise, a person could enter with 10 different NFL users, and at the very end he associates the best of those 10 users to his Stake account.

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On 11/18/2023 at 6:32 AM, Luksavk said:

No they have promotion if you survived until week 10 you get some prize, and also continues to play until end. Just i didnt post my name here, and thats what it makes it valid

Yeah, if you didnt post your name in the original thread, it invalidated your entry sadly (at least thats to my knowledge)

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6 hours ago, Luksavk said:

No way :( im on 11:0 now. Im so stupi. @Darkopls help 

Nothing, Its useless and not fair.

Dont continue the survivor or it will make you more disappointed when you 18:0

Try and join again next year and dont forget to write your info details on forum

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