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This is really funny in a weird way


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The abuse of power by some mods is really insane like for a degree that i am laughing rn a moderator 5 days ago muted me for 14 days then after half an hour he unmutes me and give me 1 month mute i make an appeal to know how is this even legal and he respond i reviewed ur chat history and u deserve 1 month so today i was suggested by stake staff to request an appeal noting that i want another mod to review it and guess what happened 😂 he deleted the post like bro fr?😂 i am really laughing u deleting my appeal? 
Btw i am open for any suggestions on how to sort this out 🤷🏻‍♂️ And i am sure 95% of the sports chat agrees with me that he doesnt deserve to be a member of the site not only mod

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  • Community Manager

Hello @basha09,

thank you for reaching out to us.

Moderator who muted you has already answered your appeal, he explained the reason why you got muted. Your appeal is not deleted, another topic you've posted after getting an answer from moderator has been deleted, because there is no need to post two same appeals, after previously being answered.

You have been muted for 10 times in the last 3 months, so please note that If you have been muted multiple times, your mute time would be extended, and it would slowly end to the permanent disabling of chat privilege, especially if your behavior does not correct after multiple warnings/mutes.

Moderators/support members/admins and community managers save the right to implement the rules as they see fitting and corresponding to the given situation.

And of course you are welcome here, you are appreciated player, and community member, and we always like seeing you in  chat. So please take a look at our Chat rules again, so you can chat safely and not get muted again once you are back in chat :)


Kindest regards,


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