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an abuser moderator


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It over with this mod he has to mute me every month for no reason "he will create a reason to justify he's mute of course"  I really feel so disgusted how this mods could mute people without any reason just chatting normally and no one could judge them seriously stake, anyway this mod has muted me reason was "low content rain farming" I haven't been active in the chat this whole day and sometimes I come to chat I like to post something funny, Idk what to do at this point Idc about rain I will exclude myself from it rn if he stops abusing he's mod privilege on us


now I posted an emoji well everyone posted the same emoji including the hater mod so I did the same and he hit me with a 1week mute like how's that justifiable stake should he mute himself too I'm confused cuz he posted the same emoji including other players as u can see on the screenshot ??!


on the other hand we have another mod on the Arabic chat he's user sofiomar the best he never abuse he's privilege when he mute user's he mute them justifiably 


Well I been vocal about this moderator and his multiple abuse's but still no action taken I hope this time will.


Btw he's abuse's not only on me but a lot other player's on the Arabic chat but maybe they don't know the forum so they can't report on it


My stake user: shadowsx1177

mod user: saifaljml

Screenshot (111).png

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