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What's your hobbie?


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I like to draw, play guitar, and shoot videos for TikTok. The best part is that you can combine it and share your creativity in TikTok.
I like to put out covers of songs by Ed Sheeran and Seether. Yes, I have quite an unusual taste in music, lol.
However, with such content, it isn't easy to become popular or get into recommendations. A friend advised me to contact https://socialfollowersfree.com/. With this service, you can promote yourself and focus more on the quality of the published videos.
I tried it and really noticed an increase in the audience.

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For the past 4 years I've been processing e-waste. I spent the first year researching best material, learning the process's and collecting material. I only search for high yield material, and that year of researching really paid off now.. I've got about 4-5oz already processed and a realllyyyy big cleanout in about 3 days. Ill post some pictures soon.  ( also ride MX, my gsxr, currently repainting my H-D bagger atm..)

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As a child, I liked online games, but my family budget did not allow us to get a computer. That's why after school I went to my college that has one, for playing in the group. So now I'm a big fan of online games. Especially games like 7 days to die, because I like these categories of games. I realize that this way, I can relax from the real world and enter the graphic world. Plus, these games can help me at work because they give me good ideas for a more unusual graphic design. I like to combine hobbies with work.

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