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What are you currently watching?


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Actually : nothing. Not enough time.

in the past i had watched a lot of TV Show, the one i remember the most right now : The Shield, Vikings, GoT, The Unit, Hell on Wheels, Friday Night Lights, Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, The Lost Room, The Wire or Tremé.

I saw like the 600 first episode of One Piece but had stopped watching few years ago. Watched all the Dragon Ball serie too (DB, DBZ, DB GT, ...) except the new Dragon Ball Super.

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6 hours ago, Andr33i said:

Watching porn on porntube is nice also would you agree ? Still not something to brag about.

BTW i saw the new episodes of NARCOS , and wow OMG they are so good words can't even describe it.



Have you seen their producer was murdered in Mexico 2 days ago while looking for lease for the new season?

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I am not currently watching anything due to lack of time, but I liked several TV Shows from Discovery Channel, History Channel and NatGeo like "Gold Rush", "Bering sea gold", and also I´m very very interested about air crash investigations, like "Mayday", "Aircrash confidential" and also "Seconds from disaster".

"The Simpson´s" and "Family guy" also long time favourites.

"Married with children" is an older one that comes to mind, that can be watched again for some smiles.


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18 hours ago, Tej17 said:

Hi all, my wife and I  did a rerun of Smallville. It's our bonding 2 episodes after dinner...We are on season 5 now.

as for current shows im watching Snowfall.

highly recommended...

white collar

orange is the new black


I used to watch every week Supernatural only because of Jensen Ackles (he is so damn hot!).. then after I move I couldn't watch it for months and then I kinda stopped it.. been trying to back to watch for like 1 year but never had so much time anymore.. but now that I am having extra time imma back to forum in the things I used to love (such as Dean Winchester) :x 

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