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When will the MONTHLY will be released ???  

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  1. 1. When do you guys think Stake will give us the MONTHLY ?!?

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9 hours ago, jamaisdechance said:

monthly should be this month, 🥳

LOL :) 

8 hours ago, Chalela13 said:

It was trending for users who was spamming it lol. Worldwide it didn't trend. 

oh ! ok so.... GL to get in trending x)


Number 1 '' TONIGHT !!! '' is getting higher and higher in the vote !

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1 minute ago, Valsh said:

Yepp I think so. Eddie sent people who just what a bonus to spam in twitter. Disgusting 


and marketer who sending low pre monthly and pay the monthly in the end of month.


also shitty raffle where only super high rollers have good chance to win

well pre-monthly and post-monthly are always the same amount depending on what rank you are but i feel ya :/ 

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