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When will the MONTHLY will be released ???  

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  1. 1. When do you guys think Stake will give us the MONTHLY ?!?

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4 minutes ago, KayPeaa said:

К черту твои ежемесячные, ты все равно их потеряешь, деген, и к черту этот сайт, 0 выводов уже больше года, а депозит каждый день, этот сайт стал мусором

Perhaps we should take a break. This should help and relax the nervous system

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4 hours ago, mastacra said:

Who and where mate?

How TF do people still think ANYONE other than the marketing team (and MAAAAYBE obsidian+ VIP players with cool ass VIP hosts that'll give them deets) have ANY actual knowledge of when monthly's will drop?


Hey asshole, his post is simply conjecture, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER POST THAT CLAIMS TO KNOW WHEN IT WILL DROP. 


with that said, I too THINK it will drop tonight.

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