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1 minute ago, Cerebrum said:


Many members are confused cause there are dropped some bonuses via e-mail with huge amounts.

Mostly two times, yesterday and today.

What's the reason for this drop and why didn't get all loyal and active members such a giveaway?

Thats not fair at all. I thought, stake handle all members same. Also thats a mystery why those players get bonus twice or more. Many people loose much money and would love to get an extra to prepare some . Would love to See an official statement why those members get free E-Mail bonus 

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Same shit as the Russian mails some get something some don't. 

Last time I complained they said I should be happy for those who got a (free bonus) 

Do you know how much we spent on this site! It's not that free now is it? 

Welp we will see what they have to say about this one...

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So, what we know:

- Accounts from inactive, never deposited before Non-VIPs as well as up to Plat6 accounts

- Some active players, some inactive

- Amounts vary from 100 - 3000 usd

- No strings attached bonus, can be cashed out immediately

- A day later the same people receive another bonus mail, with a lower bonus, but again - a bonus

- @Edwardstates he doesn't know the conditions

- The hosts of P4+ players state they don't know the conditions


So, in short - what a mess. It's not about the fact that some people get a bonus, it's about the fact of total instransparancy. Why do people that have high losses and wager a lot not receive a random 1000 usd bonus while others do? Makes the player disgruntled and angry...

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10 minutes ago, jh1982 said:

..stake sends out an email to those who have hardly lost anything and gives them a bonus and those who have lost a lot get an email that should try new providers and pay in....what a fool

Winning players need to get hooked. A winning player never goes degen and know when to quit. 

A loosing player is already past that stage, and they just need to keep the money flow going. 

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ye to be honest this is really tilting. You play for years here and also have high wager + high losses. Constantly playing on stake only and then you see non vips/low rank players get random 250-3k bonus emails while we get absolutely nothing ?


And what is even more frustrating is that if you ask support/hosts or whoever none "knows" anything nor is willing to find out/explain. 0 Transparency but 100 % frustration.


anyways hope you all have a nice day

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